Martin Wolstencroft
Martin Wolstencroft
Co-founder and CEO
Arc Inspirations

Co-founder and CEO of Arc Inspirations – one of the UK's leading bar operators comprising fast-growing brands Banyan, The Box and Manahatta. Having launched Arc Inspirations in 1999, we now operate 19 venues predominantly in the North of England with plans to expand into new locations. Our most recent successes include launching and developing our bar side of the business driven by consumer demand for highly differentiated experiences. We create memorable moments for our guests through a combination of: identifying fantastic and unique spaces; bringing award-winning design; developing outstanding food and drink offers; and ensuring it's all delivered by exceptional teams of people.

Arc Inspirations seeks to create a truly memorable experience through a relentless pursuit of excellence down to the last detail. Its inspirations are:

• To build profound and long-lasting affinity with customers • To create loyalty, inspiring word of mouth recommendations.

• To build its reputation in the marketplace.

• To make champions and advocates of customers.

Arc Inspirations is about people with focus on recruiting and retaining the best individuals alongside providing a great working environment for our teams committed to delivering exceptional standards and service to guests. Arc Inspirations delivers highly-differentiated customer experiences focusing on premium food and drink offer and excellent entertainment and atmosphere, delivered through the key growth concepts and core brands comprising Banyan, Manahatta and The Box.

• Manahatta – A glamorous New York inspired cocktail bar with an exciting party vibe.

• The Box – A game changing, high quality sports bar.

• Banyan – The best and most stylish total bar experience.

The overarching strategy is managing venues in ‘clusters’ with several venues located in close proximity operating harmoniously within hubs in city centre and urban environments.